Simple, friendly training in cryptocurrency trading & ownership for total beginners and technophobes.

The opportunity

Cryptocurrency has been around since 2009 but until recently has stayed out of the limelight of mainstream media. But as the financial returns of some early investors have steadily grown into the hundreds of thousands of percent - cryptocurrencies are attracting a larger more mainstream audience.  But there is still an opportunity to be ahead of the curve and grow phenomenal wealth in the wide open market.

Along with the 2017 influx of people, attention and wealth,

cryptocurrencies have also become the focus of more and more fraudulant activity.

You do not need to look far to find an instance of someone who has lost a lot of money because they either forgot it, or had it taken from them.  Future millions can be lost in an instant, and there are no refund policies in the world of crypto. If it's gone, it's gone.  I found this out the hard way when burglars stole my laptop from my home before I had a chance to execute a proper backup of one of my crypto currencies - now worth thousands of pounds.

The problem

There are ways you can protect yourself and proactive steps you can take now to protect your new wealth against loss, theft and catastrophe - and I cover them all in a simple course.  My aim is not to provide financial analysis or investment advice, but to show you how to trade and own cryptocurrencies with maximum efficiency and minimal risk.

After you have completed my course you will have a firm grasp of the big picture of cryptocurrencies, why they have come at a critical time, why they are gaining value so quickly and how to tell if a coin is genuine. After this you will learn six key skillsets reuqired to prosper in this new wealth: Analysis, Acquisition, Transaction, Storage, Security and Tracking.

My own journey into crypto was a rolling start at the beginning of 2017 as I was made aware of the opportunity to mine altcoins. And on the side, began to research a handful of simple investments.  In the process I have been burgled (lost crypto), had my exchange wallet hacked (lost crypto), seen associates screw-up transactions (they lost crypto), read headlines about people losing ther entire stash by being tricked (lost £millions of crypto).

And I have learned an awful lot from some of the smartest people I know in this short-time, and I have consolidated all of my (and their) wisdom into this simple and easy course to give you everything you need to start building wealth that will be affect generations to come in your family.  At the same time, I've managed

The solution

1. Understanding

Essential categories of coin.

Supply types.

Underlying technology.

Benefit analysis.

Disruption factor.

Data sources.

2. Analysis

Before dabbling with the 'wild-west' that is cryptocurrencies (and in particular altcoins) you will learn what you are dealing with on a philosophical and technical level. Why are there so many? Who makes them? What makes one coin valuable, and another one not? How can you tell if a coin is a scam?

Gateways in and out of cryptoland.

Trustworthy exchanges.

Creating instant wealth traps.

Liquidity management.

How to spot a pump'n'dump.

3. Acquisition

Important checks.

Insight to addresses.

How blockchain transactions work.


4. Transaction

Types of wallet.

Cold storage.

Opportunity management.

Exchange wallets.

5. Storage

I.T. security measures.

Bulletproof Backup System.

Private keys.

6. Security

Tracking tools.


Data sources.

7. Tracking

Gain insight

I've spoken with some really smart cookies about trading strategy, currency mining (minting), and systems security. I have also done a lot of research that I have condensed into easy to swallow chunks and insights.

Grow in confidence

As you take in this new knowledge and ask questions you will begin to understand

Build wealth

As you confidently and capably choose which cryptocurrencies you will invest in and place a selection of them into long-term storage, your wealth will begin to grow on autopilot.

Course Teacher

Meet the facilitator

Alistair Wilson

Business technology consultant specialising in digital growth and transformation, Alistair has begun to explore how the world of blockchain and crypto-currency will impact and shape the world of business.

Ben Creasy, Business owner | Cambridge

"Alistair has helped myself, an old fashioned business owner completely rethink my perception of cryptocurrency. Not simply from his pragmatic, vigilant yet dynamic coaching sessions but also from delivered results. It is so hard to find consultants who actually deliver early on their deadlines and exceed your expectations but this was definitely true of my experience with Alistair. His sessions were great and his ongoing remote support was and is exceptional. He provided real value that has set me now on my course to financial freedom.  Training from him is an opportunity not to be missed."

"Alistair's ability to condense a lot of complex ideas and processes into straight-forward and understandable language is invaluable.  When it comes to understanding the layers and dynamism of the crypto-currency world, Alistair's guidance and understanding have helped me get to grips with what is currently a tech minefield!"

Jonathan Middleton, Entrepreneur | South Africa

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